August 20, 2007


I purchased two 5′, cast iron, tubs from someone in the Marigny Pre-K. I had them refinished by Southern Refinishing and they were finally delivered in April. The story of the tub can be found here: New Orleans Renovation I think one is spoken for already. We are putting the other one on here at $800.00. Ready to install.


Cast Iron Post

August 20, 2007

Pod Inventory (12)

This 15 ft. cast iron post is a hard-to-find item. Would be a good replacement for a damaged post on an existing building.

Cypress Columns

August 20, 2007

Pod Inventory (10)

These 13 ft. Cypress Columns supported the side gallery of an 1880’s Eastlake shotgun in Treme before Katrina’s wind destroyed the home. These types of detail often survive due to the materials intrinsic strength. Market price for these is about $500-$600 each. Unfortunately, I think they are already sold.

Asbestos Shingles

August 20, 2007

Monday Aug 20, 2007 (5)

If you need to patch. . . these are 16 x16 hex.

Longleaf Pine Lumber

August 20, 2007

Pod Inventory (7)

These pine studs have many years left in them. 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 are available. Makes sense to reuse rather than waste this lumber. Free.

Iron Fencing

August 20, 2007

Pod Inventory (13)

We have available two kinds of fencing. Some loop & arrow. Some is high/low arrow design. Makes nice decorative accents in gardens unless you would invest in refurbishing for more practical everday use or to replace damaged fence that matches.

Pod Inventory (14)

There are about 30 of these ridge tiles available. They market for about $5.00-10.00 each.

Cypress Brackets

August 20, 2007

Pod Inventory (15)

We have 7 seven of these Cypress millwork brackets from an 1880’s Eastlake Victorian. They are very heavy, about 40 lbs each. They measure 4’6″ x 4’5″.

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